A Contest Wurth Winning

A Contest Wurth Winning

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What a night it was, June 28th, 2014.

Coming from Michigan, it’s a long drive to Sparta, Kentucky, but when you have a feeling something is going to happen, you just have to go with it. I had saved up enough money to buy tickets to the Quaker State 400. Me and another Brad fan that lives nearby were going to visit the track for the Saturday June race and hope Brad would win.

In the days before our confidence grew as we saw Brad win the pole for the Cup race by destroying the track record and everyone else’s time for qualifying. He would go on to win the Nationwide pole adding to the confidence knowing this is one of Brad’s best tracks. We left Saturday morning as we had pit passes along with our tickets to the race. Being the race was at 7 PM, we had arrived at 3 and minutes later, it poured, an absolute downpour. Probably the hardest rain I’d have ever been through.

Leaving the track waving the rally towel the track gave us, it was certainly a great night to be a Brad fan!

Thank goodness for rain ponchos!

The access roads were flooded for a short period of time, lighting and puddles all around. But then an hour or so later, complete sun and a beautiful night for racing. We arrived in the pits and waited for driver intros to start. I got my pictures in Victory Lane and then went to the track and stage to watch the ceremonies. Watching Brad climb out of the top stage to a rousing cheer was awesome! He then rode on his truck around for the normal fan wave routine and we were heading back, but we got stuck on pit road! The track did not explain well how to exit so minutes before the race started we were on pit lane, providing a up close opportunity for neat pictures, I guess I just went with it! We escaped and went to our seats to watch the race. Brad followed by teammate Joey Logano lead the field most of the way, as much to delight to Brad Nation and Team Penske, it seemed to be with the race had gone, Brad was going to cruise to victory, with every lap making things more intense for me and my friend. 

However a caution with 48 to go set the 2 team off-sequence with some of the cars behind him. Brad would restart 6th and would quickly get to 2nd, slowly but surely the fastest and most dominant car of the night began to reel in leader Kyle Busch, and 28 laps later, Brad would get the lead for good, passing Kyle to a roaring cheer of the fans. Brad would cruise to lead 199 of the laps that night in a self described night by Brad, “Feels like championship form to me.”

Certainly it felt like it, as Brad had previously won at the newly added Speedway in 2012 — the year of his first Championship.

Brad would start his burnout right in front of our seats! I was shaking of excitement as I had never seen him win after many races where he had come so close and leading laps throughout. Finally, he did it.

We remembered that our pit passes also meant post race, so we sprinted down to victory lane and got there as he pulled in, out came the winner! I picked up pieces of confetti and saved them to remember. Joey had passed me to go congratulate his teammate, we stuck around a little bit longer but had to go because of the drive. On my way out, I saw Joey Meier, Brad’s spotter. I went up to him, shook his hand and congratulated him on the win and calling a great race, and he appreciated it and went to go celebrate with the team.

Leaving the track waving the rally towel the track gave us, it was certainly a great night to be a Brad fan!

the tagline I created with Brad's destinct signitureLeading the race after completing lap 1!Brad holding up the picture he had signed in April!!Me and Brad at the hauler

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