Your Guide to the Crew Challenge

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The Crew Challenge is an interactive contest that gives you a chance to help tell Brad’s story over the course of the 2014 NASCAR season, and in the process, earn valuable prizes, including the grand prize: the 2015 Brad Keselowski Experience at the 2015 Daytona 500.

[Learn more about the big changes in the Challenge for 2014.]

So how does it work?

Each week, you can submit content that communicates your experience of Brad and the No. 2 in that week’s race. If that content is accepted by our editors into the web site, it will become part of the official story about that specific race.

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You’ll also receive points. The Crew Challenge is based on points. You get points one of three ways:

  • Submitting content to the site that gets accepted
  • Voting up and commenting on other people’s content
  • Sharing site content via social media

The more points you have, the greater your stature on the site, and the higher you rank on the Crew Challenge leaderboard. The top finisher at the end of the season wins the grand prize, while other top contestants will walk away with some incredible rewards.

But those aren’t the only opportunities for you to win. Points can also be used throughout the season to make purchases in the prize center.

Read on to find out more about the Crew Challenge works, and how you can win it.

This could be you at the 2015 Daytona 500.


First Things First: Sign-Up

To participate in the Crew Challenge, you have to register. Signing up is simple — just go to the Login/Register page, fill out the form, complete an e-mail verification, and you’re in. 

Once you signup, you’ll be taken to your profile page, which tracks your progress as a participant in the Crew Challenge.

Start by Registering.

Submitting Content

The way to earn the most points in the Crew Challenge is submitting content to the web site and having it get accepted. When you submit content, you’re nearly always going to do it in the relation to a race. You submit content through the submission form. (Makes sense, right?)

Fill out the different areas of the form as thoroughly as possible. If you don’t put effort into your submission, why would anyone else want to check it out?

Fill out the form thoroughly.


What Kinds of Content Are We Looking For?

We want passionate, smart, meaningful submissions that help tell the story of each of Brad’s races in a dynamic way. They can include:

  • Video or photos taken at actual races

  • Relevant videos or photos taken anywhere else

  • Illustrations

  • Stories/essays
  • Race analysis/commentary

  • Interviews
  • Video game recreations/tributes

We also want you to explain the why behind your submissions. You got a tattoo of Brad’s face across your back? Why? You’re a huge Keselowski fan? Why? Behind every submission, there should be a story. We want your stories, too. 

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We’ve created three different samples that you can model your submissions after. They are:

An example of a story you might submit.

Successful Submissions

What gets your content accepted into the site is how good it is. Submissions are judged by our editors for their overall quality, their emotional content and uniqueness. The better a submission is across these three areas, the more points you’ll receive if it’s accepted.

When your content is accepted into the web site, it appears with the race you submitted in a square with a red label.

For example: If you took a great picture of Brad’s photo finish with Kyle Busch at the STP Gas Booster 500, that’s the race you’d submit it for, and that’s where it would appear once accepted.

A few things to keep in mind when you submit content:

  • Don’t just grab pictures from other websites and submit them as your own. They’ll get rejected.
  • Don’t just write a few words and hope that your submission will get in. It won’t.
  • If you have pictures to submit, submit them all at once, not individually.

Most importantly, consider whether anyone else would interested in the material you’re submitting. If the answer is no, rethink what you’re doing. If it’s yes, submit!

Fan contributions appear with red label.

Earning Points

When your content is accepted, you receive points for your submission. As mentioned earlier, you can also receive points in other ways:

  • Voting up content
  • Commenting on content (and having those comments accepted by our editors)
  • Sharing content via social media

By consistently participating in the Crew Challenge community, the points you earn from these activities can add up in a hurry. As you pass certain point thresholds, you’ll also earn badges that reflect your overall ranks, how much you’ve shared, and how much you’ve contributed. (Learn more about badges here.)

You earn points for accepted submissions, other fans' votes and more.