Close, but no cigar.

That was the sentiment expressed by Brad Keselowski at the annual NASCAR Awards, held at the end of each season to honor the top drivers, and celebrate the Cup champion.

Winning does not define you as a professional athlete, handling defeat builds character and in Brad Keselowski’s memorable speech showcasing Martin Truex’s Jr. first championship, he displays the strong character that has made him so likable in NASCAR. Overall, NASCAR isn’t just won on the track, as Keselowski demonstrated via a humble speech to the champion of the 2017 season Martin Truex Jr.

The video below displays rivals Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski exchanging friendly jabs with the question, “What are you buying Brad Keselowski for Christmas?” at the 13:20 mark.

As the crowd erupts in laughter they amuse the crowd for a couple more seconds.

Kurt Busch: I swear, that guy’s reading a road map as he’s driving.

Brad Keselowski: Is it a left?

Ryan Newman: Sometimes in the middle of the straightaway.

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