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Honoring Our Veterans

With Veterans Day this weekend, I wanted to use my blog to honor our nation’s military, and speak specifically about some of the things we're doing to help veterans lead better lives, especially back in my native state of Michigan. Anyone who is a fan of mine knows how highly I regard our soldiers and [...]

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A Tribute to Dale Jr.

As everyone who follows NASCAR knows, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is going to retire at the end of the current season. Needless to say, not having Dale Jr. on the track is going to be a tremendous loss for the sport. He leaves a tremendous legacy that will not be replaced. Dale Jr. is one of [...]

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Saying Goodbye

Today, I had to do one of the most difficult things I've ever done: tell my employees that Brad Keselowski Racing would be closing down its truck racing teams. From an emotional standpoint, there aren't a lot of things in motorsports that have meant more to me than BKR. The truck team operation started in [...]

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My Return to Team Penske

I announced my new contract with Team Penske today, and here in my blog, I want to explain the thinking behind my decision. I want to address some of the buzz that surrounded it, especially because a lot of people have wondered why it took so long. (If you're a fan of the 2 who [...]

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A few weeks back, I made a comment about Kyle Busch and how he handled losing the Coca-Cola 600. Many people at the time tried to justify his behavior as a competitive driver being frustrated by losing. Others tried to bad-mouth Kyle as a person. I didn’t agree with either of those takes. I’ve thought [...]

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Protected: Husband and Wife

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A New Day Dawning

Yesterday, NASCAR announced some pretty big changes that are going to impact the sport in a lot of ways. The announcement seemed like the perfect thing to talk about here in my blog, mostly because I’d like to hear your reactions to the changes, and keep the dialogue going about how we can keep improving [...]

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My Life With the Detroit Lions

When you live a life on the road like my family always did with motorsports, there are very few times where you're able to really get together. Thanksgiving has always kind of signified the end of the racing season, but we're still sports-minded people and still like competition, so watching the Detroit Lions was kind [...]

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Truth and Grace

It’s been a little while since Colin Kaepernick started his ongoing protest during the national anthem, and since then it’s created a fair amount of controversy. Some people agree with what he did. Others are against it. A lot of people kind of fall in between. It’s generated a lot of conversation, too, and it’s certainly [...]

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